Compensation offer ‘an insult’ to boxer who quit sport after assault – Judge

April 7, 2018

A Donegal man has been advised to make an improved offer of compensation to a young boxer who has had to give up the sport due to injuries he sustained in an assault.

Dean Hanlon was before Letterkenny District Court charged with an assault on Matthew Hanlon at the Lagoon Bar, Termon.

Matthew Hanlon told the court that he had been due to represent Ulster in a boxing tournament against a team from Boston at the time of the assault in 2015.

“I had to leave boxing…I withdrew as a result of the injuries,” he told Judge Paul Kelly.

“My nose is bent stupid. I have anxiety and depression and I had a fractured jaw and cheekbone.”

Matthew Hanlon, it was said, had ‘significant injuries’, which also included swelling and bruising to his left eye, a fractured nasal bone and a soft tissue injury to his jaw.

Matthew Hanlon said he required maxillofacial treatment and that he may need further surgery.

Inspector Barry Doyle handed photos of the injuries to the Judge.

Garda Jennings responded to a report of an assault at The Lagoon. The injured party had left, but later made a statement.

Two suspects, Dean Hanlon and another male, were observed on CCTV in the vicinity of an altercation. Dean Hanlon denied any involvement.

Garda Jennings said that ‘a number of words’ were exchanged before the injured party was assaulted with a ‘punch on the head and body’.

Defending solicitor Patsy Gallagher said the other accused in the matter, a brother of the defendant, had been dealt with at another venue and that compensation had been paid.

“He is remorseful,” Mr Gallagher said.

“He is a labourer who works full-time and he has two children in a long-term relationship. He came in as his brother’s keeper on the matter. His brother has discharged €1,000 and the same would be forthcoming.”

Judge Paul Kelly rejected the proposal. Judge Kelly said the offer was an ‘insult’ to Matthew Hanlon and that Dean Hanlon should have ‘known better’ than to interject in such a manner.

Judge Kelly adjourned the matter and ordered that an additional proposal to the €1,000 be made.



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