Man facing alleged sex exploitation charges ordered to live in Letterkenny

April 24, 2018

A man who was released on bail while awaiting trial for the alleged sexual exploitation of a child has been ordered to move to another part of Co Donegal.

The man appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court today after Gardai claimed the man has breached the conditions of his bail.

The man had been ordered to sign on weekly for the past 20 weeks at a Garda station but had failed to do so on 13 occasions.

Gardai also said the mother of the alleged victim had said he had been in contact with the girl and that they had had sex on a number of occasions.

It was also alleged the man had contacted the girl by Snapchat.

Judge John Aylmer asked Gardai if the man was considered a flight risk.

Gardai replied by saying that around €20,000 in cash was found in the man’s house and that he had another €20,000 in a bank account.

After some deliberation between the man’s barrister, Mr Peter Nolan, and state barrister Ms Patricia McLaughlin, an agreement to new bail conditions was reached.

The court ordered that the man cease all contact with the alleged injured party either physically, by phone or by social media.

The man also agreed to move from his home area to Letterkenny where he is to sign on four times each week including each Saturday and also to provide Gardai with a mobile phone number.

The man agreed and was warned that any breach of these conditions would result in the man’s bail being revoked.



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