Childcare worker kicked wing mirror off Garda car

November 6, 2018

A childcare worker kicked the wing mirror off a Garda patrol car after a house party became out of control.

Gardai arrived at a house party in Convoy on June 16th last.

They found Adam Crawford, aged 19, at the party and he was very drunk.

When they told him to leave, he became agitated and ran out of the house and kicked the Garda patrol car’s wing mirror leaving it in two pieces.

Crawford fled but was later arrested.

His solicitor Kieran Dillon said Crawford, of Killynure, Convoy, had not been accused of any wrongdoing when the Gardai arrived.

However, he said he took a dim view of being asked to leave the house and reacted negatively but apologised for that.

Judge Paul Kelly adjourned the case until February 8th for a probation report.