Young woman bit, kicked and punched Gardai during abusive rant

November 20, 2018

A young Letterkenny woman bit and then verbally abused Gardai after she was found lying on top of a man in the middle of a road.

Chloe Kelly, aged 24, was arrested twice by Gardai on two successive days on March 19th and 20th, 2017.

When Gardai first came across Ms Kelly at Fairgreen Hill in Letterkenny, she was lying on top of a man and was drunk.

Gardai tried to intervene but Ms Kelly attacked them and shouted at them “F*** you pig scum. Who do you think you are?”

She then attacked Gardai with a closed fist, scratched another and then kicked two of the Gardai in their legs and shouted: “I’ll f***ing kill you.”

When Gardai put handcuffs on her, Ms Kelly lifted her head and bit one of the Gardai on the arm and continued to be verbally abusive and kicked another Garda in the stomach.

She was taken to Letterkenny Garda station but took ill and was taken to hospital.

The following day Gardai observed Ms Kelly walking on Long Lane in Letterkenny and she again became abusive towards them.

She and the man she was with were searched and a small quantity of drugs were found on the man.

Kelly, of Long Lane, Letterkenny, shouted at Gardai: “That’s mine. F*** you. You fat ginger p****. Those drugs were mine. All for me you fat f****.”

She was again arrested and continued abusing Gardai.

Judge Paul Kelly asked if Ms Kelly was present in court and she stood up.

Judge Kelly asked her if she found anything funny as he noticed she had been smirking throughout the case.

Solicitor for the accused woman, Mr Frank Dorrian, told the court that she had suffered a very personal loss before the incident and had been unwell.

He said “While this reads very badly and her attitude seems appalling, she did have to go to hospital and she was unwell.

“The picture is bizarre, her lying on the ground in the middle of the road with her boyfriend trying to comfort her and it went spectacularly haywire.

“She is 24 and has had a tough time of it. The language and behaviour was appalling. She and her partner are trying to make a modest life for themselves.” said Mr Dorrian.

Inspector Harrison said none of the Gardai needed hospital attention as a result of the vicious attack but added that situations were his officers were attacked and just got on with it were all too common.

Judge Kelly agreed that this behaviour was all too common and noted another similar case in his court recently.

“Gardai should not have to endure such appalling abuse and the fact that they are making light of this type of treatment is to their credit,” he said.

He adjourned the case until February 18th and ordered a Probation Report to be carried out on Ms Kelly before sentencing her.