A 30-YEAR-OLD Convoy man broke into his ex-partner’s home and hacked holes in a bedroom door after chasing the terrified woman upstairs.

Andrew Laird, of Miltown, Convoy, was arrested on Sunday, June 16, on suspicion of a burglary at 4 Ard Tu Marie, Townparks, Convoy.

Gardaí objected to bail for Laird.

Letterkenny District Court heard that Laird entered his ex-partner’s home by smashing a kitchen window.

“He chased his ex-partner up stairs and hacked holes in a bedroom door with a sharp object,” Sergeant Jim Collins told the court.

“She clearly identified him in a statement of complaint. He was known by the injured party, who was his ex-partner.

“The most serious objection is the likelihood of interfering with witnesses. The injured party has expressed fears that he will return. She indicated that he attempted to phone her the morning after the incident and she blocked his number,

“She expressed fears that he will continue to contact her and interfere with her as a witness.”

The court heard that Laird, who Gardai said resides most of the time with his elderly grandmother, lives a short distance from the woman.

Solicitor for the defendant, Frank Dorrian, said that ‘an appropriate undertaking’ could address the anxiety of the victim.

“Very few people would be on bail if those were the grounds – there can be an undertaking that he stay away from the premises,” Mr Dorrian said.

Laird’s mother, Joanne, appeared in court and indicated that her son could stay with her, provided that he ‘clean up his act and maintain sobriety’.

Mr Dorrian said his client would have to ‘demonstrate two weeks of sobriety and then start the initiation process’.

Sergeant Collins said Gardaí had ‘grave concerns’.

He said: “Damage was done to the bedroom door. She fled upstairs and he attacked the door in lieu of her. His mother lives in Convoy as well, a five-minute walk away.”

Judge Paul Kelly granted bail to Laird on condition that he reside at 46 Beechwood Grove; that he comply with a request to attend his GP for referral to White Oaks; that he have no contact, direct or indirect, with the complainant or any witnesses; and that he undertake not to enter the Art Tu Marie estate.

The case was adjourned until the September 20 sitting of the court.



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