Man kicked priest’s car during drunken rage

September 26, 2019

A man who kicked a priest’s car and then challenged Gardai to a fight has appeared in court.

Ryan Scanlon pleaded guilty to the attacks but said he simply could not remember anything that happened.

The 19-year-old was approached by Gardai after attacking the priest’s car at Cathedral Place in Letterkenny at 1.20am on June 22nd last.

The attack took place during the Donegal International Rally weekend and Scanlon had been drinking heavily.

Sgt Jim Collins told Letterkenny District Court that when approached by Gardai, Scanlon clenched his fists and invited Gardai to fight.

Defence solicitor Patsy Gallagher said Scanlon, of Meadowbank Park in Letterkenny simply couldn’t handle his drink.

He had since paid compensation for the damage to the priest’s car.

Although Scanlon claimed in court that he was trying to address his issues, Judge Paul Kelly said he had some doubts as he was laughing during the court case.

Scanlon, who is doing a FAS course, said he did not who to go to in an attempt to address his issues with alcohol.

Judge Kely adjourned the case until December 16th and ordering a community service and probation service.