Man denies sexually assaulting woman as he broke up fight

January 30, 2020

A man allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman after trying to break-up a fight outside a takeaway in Co Donegal.

The man, who is charged with sexual assault, has appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court.

The accused, who cannot be named at this stage of the trial, denies the allegations.

The woman said she had been out with friends at the Pulse Nightclub in July 2018 after being in both the Cavern and then Sister Sara’s bars.

She left the Pulse and visited a takeaway for some food but got into an altercation with another woman.

The court heard the women began physically fighting and a man came over to them claiming he was trying to break up the argument.

However, the woman claims that the man inserted his finger into her vagina while she was lying on the ground.

The woman, who said she was wearing a short jump-suit, said she had not been drinking excessively.

Barrister for the accused, Mr Shane Costello, asked the woman if she had taken any other substances on the night and she denied she had.

However, Mr Costello said that a state analysis taken from the woman during the course of her examination showed traces of a substance identified as cocaine.

The woman categorically denied that she had taken cocaine.

Mr Costello also suggested that red marks found on the woman’s vagina could have been as a result of the fight with the other woman.

The trial continues today.