A YOUNG Letterkenny man found in possession of MDMA tablets, intended for sale or supply, has been warned of the consequences of his actions.

Austin Foster (21) of Killylastin, Letterkenny was charged with unlawful possession of drugs and possession of drugs for the purpose of sale or supply.

Foster appeared before Letterkenny District Court on the charges, arising out of an incident at High Road, Letterkenny, on January 12, 2019.

Gardaí observed a male tossing something to the road as they approached. Gardaí found a bag containing 19 bright green pills, said to be worth €10 each.

Foster made full admissions when questioned by Gardaí.

Solicitor for Foster, Mr Patsy Gallagher, said that the matter had made for a ‘deeply distressing time’ for his family. His client, he said, had just finished a Degree and was hoping to do a Masters.

“He and his friends purchased products and he was left standing with them so to speak,” Mr Gallagher said. “He was deeply traumatised at being brought to the station and it was certainly a wake up call.

“He has a bright future, but he knows the difficulty that he found himself in. It was an embarrassment to himself and his family.”

Addressing Judge Paul Kelly, Foster said he was ‘thinking recklessly’ and said he ‘deeply regretted’ the matter.

Judge Kelly said: “People appear here on charges and do not have the advantages that you have. You’re a bright, intelligent young man, equipped with a degree.

“You’re a drug dealer, Mr Foster. I don’t know how that label sits with you, but I would be very uncomfortable.

“Drug dealers are a curse on society and have wreaked havoc on the streets of Ireland. Anyone who gets involved in that trade supports it.

“Whether you think you are an innocent party or an accessory, the sad fact is that people are dying and being terrorised and disorientated by people who control this trade. You helped to support that.”

Judge Kelly adjourned the case until October 19 for the preparation of a probation report.

Judge Kelly said: “He needs to consider whether he desires to have an unwanted tag around his neck for the rest of his life.”



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