A 22-year-old Convoy woman who became ‘embroiled in something she shouldn’t have’ has been fined and ordered to repay the losses of an assault victim.

Wendy Harper, of Ardmhuillean, Convoy, was before Letterkenny District Court in connection with an incident at The Green, Convoy on June 26, 2018.

Harper was charged with one count of assault.

The court heard that Harper had called the victim a ‘liar’ and ‘reached for her by the hair and dragged her over the street’. Sergeant Jim Collins said Harper pulled a ‘large amount of hair from her head’ and the victim suffered scratching on her arm from being dragged.

The victim did not seek medical attention and, Sergeant Collin said, Harper was cooperative when spoken to by Gardaí.

Solicitor for Harper, Mr Kieran Dillon, said his client was not the instigator of the incident.

“She took actions and made decision in poor judgement,” Mr Dillon said.

“A commotion had got up when my client got there that she was trying to resolve. Emotions were high. Given the heat of the moment, words were exchanged and the dam burst.

“Unhappiness of many years came to the fore in this moment. She got embroiled in something that she shouldn’t have.

“This was not very lady-like, but it certainly was not one-way traffic. She accepts the situation. It started off on good intentions, but ended very poorly.”

Mr Dillon asked the court not to leave Harper with a blemish on her record and offered €150 by way of compensation.

The victim lost a week’s work, worth an estimated €350.

Judge Paul Kelly said if Harper paid the balance of the losses he would look favourably.

Judge Kelly adjourned the matter until September 21 and said: “She should make sure not to put herself in the position where she is susceptible to that type of emotional outburst.”



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