Donegal County Council offices, Lifford

Donegal County Councillors have today voted to retain the Local Property Tax at a 15% increase next year.

The household tax in Donegal will remain at 15% above baseline for 2021.


Councillors in each local authority in Ireland have the power to increase or reduce the rate charged in their area by up to 15 per cent each year.

Donegal’s county councillors voted by 20 votes against 12 in favour of retaining the varied increase in the local authority for the year ahead.

As a result of the vote, the annual tax charged on residential properties in Donegal will remain at the same rate as last year. Householders in Donegal will be asked to pay up to €60.75 more tax on a home valued between €200,000-€250,000, where the baseline LPT is €405. Homes valued under €100,000 have an increase of €13.50 on their base tax of €90.

The council said keeping the 15% increase on the local property tax would generate income of €1.7million for the 2021 budget – the same as obtained in 2020. Last year’s additional income was spent on co-funding capital projects ( €500,000), housing maintenance and expenditure ( €500,000), the Public Lights and Minor Infrastructure Fund (€200,000) and €500,000 went to replace the council’s diminishing income from Non-Principal Private Residence charges.

Donegal County Councillors held two votes on LPT variations today. A Sinn Féin-led vote on returning the LPT to base rate was not passed by a result of 13 for and 19 against.


The deciding vote on retaining the 15% increase was formally proposed by Independent Cllr Nicholas Crossan and seconded by Independent Cllr Tom Conaghan.

A third vote was proposed by Independent Cllr Michael Cholm Mac Giolla Easpuig to reduce the tax by 15% below baseline. This vote was not carried after Cllr Frank McBrearty, who at first seconded the proposal, revoked his seconding.



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