Man who went to make complaint at Garda station was arrested

January 7, 2021

A MAN who was arrested after becoming ‘verbally aggressive’ when he went to a Garda station to file a complaint has had his case adjourned.

Joe Burns went to Letterkenny Garda Station on December 30 when the incident arose.

Burns (56) of Woodpark, Lismonaghan, Letterkenny, was before Letterkenny District Court.

Sergeant Jim Collins told the court that Burns was ‘verbally aggressive’ to an officer.

“He was asked to lower his voice and cease his actions,” he said. “He was told that no statement would be taken until he spoke in a civilised manner.

“He was irate and was informed that if he did not cease he would be arrested.

“He continued shouting and roaring. He was given the option of an adult caution, but he refused.”

Solicitor Mr Frank Dorrian said his client arrived to the station with the intention of making a complaint.

“He was very annoyed about his complaint and he felt that it wasn’t receiving the attention it might,” Mr Dorrian said.

“He was not making threats, but he maybe was unpleasant.

“How can he be in breach of the peace when there were only two guards there? There was no further event and he left.”

“It wasn’t very welcome or polite behaviour, but is it a criminal offence when someone is less than polite, he gets arrested for a public order offence?”

Sergeant Collins undertook to obtain statements from the two Gardaí who were present and Judge Paul Kelly adjourned the matter to March 1.



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