Man broke neighbour’s false teeth, hearing aid and glasses

February 18, 2021

A man who broke his neighbour’s false teeth, glasses and hearing aid during a row has been forced to pay him €700 compensation.

Brian McGee of Main Street in Carrigans, attacked neighbour Dessie Rodgers during a vicious assault on October 28th, 2018.

Letterkenny District Court heard McGee also caused the victim bruising to his nose and face in the attack.

The accused man’s solicitor Donagh Cleary said his client had since left the area and has health problems.

He told Judge Paul Kelly that his client had no previous convictions and questioned what benefit a conviction would have.

Judge Kelly said the attack had caused a considerable effect on the victim and the compensation claimed was modest.

A probation report on McGee said that he was somewhat defensive and claims there was an element of self-defence in the row.

The court was told he was of a low risk of reoffending and that he was unable to do community service because of his poor health.

Judge Kelly ordered him to hand over the €700 compensation and to sign a bond to keep the peace for two years.



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