Man banned for six years after FOURTH insurance rap

March 10, 2021

A man was told he will go to jail if he gets behind the wheel within the next six years after he was caught driving without insurance for the FOURTH time.

Paul Creamer tried to flee from Gardai when he met them at a checkpoint in Dunfangahy on August 28th, 2020.

The 29-year-old was already banned from driving for not having insurance.

He tried to undertake traffic and blew a tyre before eventually coming to a halt a kilometre away at Rockhill, Portnablagh.

Garda Sgt Jim Collins said it was summer and there was a large volume of traffic and pedestrians in the area but nobody was hurt.

Creamer, of Rockhill, Portnablagh, was stopped and told to produce his driving documents at his local Garda station but never did.

His solicitor Mr Frank Dorrian told Letterkenny District Court “Therein lies the problem. He saw the Garda and he knew they would know him.

“It’s a small area with local knowledge and he made a lame effort to depart.”

Mr Dorrian said his client knew that the least he was facing was a driving ban and added that getting insurance will almost be impossible for him now.

He said his client worked and he had glowing references on his behalf in court.

Judge Paul Kelly said this represented his fourth conviction for driving without insurance and noted that he was driving while banned.

He sentenced Creamer to four months in prison but suspended it for two years on provision that he does not drive a motor vehicle for the next six years.

He also reduced a charge of dangerous driving to careless driving and fined the accused €250.


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