Call for survey to take stock of derelict houses in Letterkenny

written by Rachel McLaughlin March 11, 2021

The Mayor of Letterkenny-Milford is calling for a new survey to determine the number of vacant and derelict houses in all estates in Letterkenny.

Cllr Donal Coyle told the council this week that residents in many estates are living in ‘unfair’ circumstances where the houses in their neighbourhood are vacant, derelict, abandoned and unfinished.


“It’s well known there are far too many vacant and abandoned derelict houses in estates,” Cllr Coyle said.

“It’s not fair to residents living next door to a house that is falling down, windows boards up, paint flaking off and grass growing on the roof.”

He added that the unsightly houses are unfair to many residents associations who do voluntary work because they have pride in their estates.

Cllr Coyle called for a survey to take stock of all derelict houses and to determine ownership. It is hoped that action can be taken once details are obtained.

In response, staff in the Letterkenny-Milford MD agreed that a comprehensive survey of the wider town would be a “valuable and informative exercise” for the Council.


However, Covid-19 restrictions will limit any immediate activities.

The council said that a broader town survey would require both the utilization of datasets such as ESRI and Geodirectory together with on-the-ground inspections.

They said: “Unfortunately, Covid restrictions would prohibit the carrying out of the physical survey work at this time. This situation can be reviewed when resources and Covid restrictions allow.”





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