Judge spares young man conviction in spite of ‘incredible cocktail’

July 18, 2021

A LETTERKENNY man has been spared a conviction after being found with what a judge called ‘an incredible cocktail of substances’.

Gardaí searched a premises at Garden Court Apartments, Letterkenny under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Garda Hennigan detected a strong smell of cannabis from the premises and obtained a warrant for the search.

Aaron Bryce (24), of that address, was before Letterkenny District Court after officers found a number of illegal substances, including a large stash of cocaine.

Quantities of cannabis and ketamine were among the other drugs seized.

Defence solicitor Mr Frank Dorrian said some of the drugs found were ‘left over from some festival that his friends attended.’

A quantity of cash was also seized, half of which belonged to someone else; ‘communal cash, as it were’, Mr Dorrian said.

Defence solicitor Mr Frank Dorrian said the incident ‘reads worse than it is.’

Mr Dorrian said “It wasn’t intended to be taken at the one time,” to which Judge Gearty replied: “It’s just as well – he would have been killed.”

Mr Dorrian said: “He has turned his back on this behaviour. He now has a job in a retail outlet and he is completely drug free. This occurred at a time in his life when he lived with like-minded young men.

“Because of this detection, he has removed himself completely from drug taking.”

“Fortunately, this didn’t evolve into an addiction and he is anxious to put the matters behind him. There is no excuse for having these or taking these.

“He is otherwise a perfectly reasonably and pleasant young man.”

Judge Gearty said that the find represented ‘an incredible cocktail of substances’.

“He is a young man with his whole life ahead of him,” Judge Gearty said.

“Four section 3 convictions would have endless complications going forward.”

Judge Gearty said she would like to have Bryce ‘monitored’ and told the accused: “If you have a difficulty, that is something that you will need to deal with.”

Judge Gearty said if Bryce made a €750 donation to the Donegal Hospice, she would strike the matter out.