‘Pig-headedness’ and ‘pure thickness’ lands farmer in court

August 1, 2021

A ‘PIG HEADED’ Greencastle farmer who refused to stop after hitting a parked car was convicted and fined in the district court.

John Patrick McDermott, of Church Brae, was charged with hit and run and failing to report an accident at Ballymacarthur, Greencastle, on July 21, 2020.

Garda Sergeant Sean McDaid told Judge Deirdre Gearty that, at 7:25pm on the evening in question, the defendant was towing a sheep trailer when he collided with a parked car.

Sgt McDaid said McDermott was trying to drive around the car when he struck it, however, he refused to give his details to the injured party and drove away.

Defending solicitor, Mr Phililp White, told the court the collision took place on a narrow country road.

“There was an exchange between the two drivers as my client could not see any damage to the other car, so he drove on,” Mr White said.

“This was simply borne out of Mr McDermott’s pig-headedness.”

Asked by Judge Gearty why he refused to give his details to the injured party, Mr White replied ‘pure thickness’.

He added that the insurance companies for his client and the injured party said that ‘both drivers’ were at fault.

Judge Gearty said that McDermott’s attitude was ‘not good enough’, however, she noted that Sgt McDaid had agreed to withdraw the failure to report charge.

She proceeded to convict and fine him €150 for the hit and run, before concluding ‘his attitude is not good enough.’