Letterkenny Courthouse

Suspended sentence for man found with €1,000 worth of drugs

September 20, 2021

A LETTERKENNY man has been given a jail sentence after being found with almost €1,000 of drugs.

Cannabis to the value of €930 were found at the home of Christopher Nestor (24) of Ceannan View, Letterkenny on November 18, 2020.

Gardaí obtained a search warrant and carried out a search of the property, where the drugs were located.

Nestor was charged with cultivating plants of the genus cannabis. He was also charged with the possession of cannabis with the intent to sell or supply the drug. He faced a further charge of possession of cannabis.

Nestor was arrested and sergeant Jim Collins said the accused was ‘cooperative’ when detained.

Defence solicitor, Ms Catherine Bonner, said her client was a young man with a history of depression and anxiety.

“He is not a dealer in a big way.” She said.

“He had a cannabis addition and decided to make the addiction easier on his pocket. He went online and figured out how to grow cannabis.”

Ms Bonner said that Nestor was supplying ‘only a very select couple of people’ with the cannabis.

Nestor, the father of an eight-month old baby, was cooperative and made immediate admissions, Ms Bonner said.

For the possession of cannabis with the intent to sell or supply, Judge Raymond Finnegan sentenced Nestor to four months in jail, suspending the sentence for 12 months in the accused’s own bond of €100.

The other two charges were taken into consideration.