Gardai forced to smash man’s window after 160kph pursuit

October 23, 2021

A man who reached speeds of up to 160kph while being pursued by Gardai through Letterkenny has been banned from driving and fined.

Kim McMenamin ignored Gardai while speeding in his Mercedes and when eventually stopped refused to get out of the car forcing Gardai to smash his window.

The 61-year-old from Millfield Heights in Buncrana, failed to appear for his case at Letterkenny District Court where he was charged with dangerous driving.

Garda Adam Clarke said that on March 21st this year he was traveling on the N13 towards Letterkenny with colleagues in an unmarked patrol car.

A car overtook him at speed in the overtaking lane and then approached the Dry Arch Roundabout before applying his brakes suddenly and crossing the white line as he crossed the roundabout.

The driver sped on down the Port Road at speed but was caught up in traffic at around 12.55pm before speeding away again.

Garda Clarke said they were concerned for other road-users and his colleague activated the sirens and the blue lights of the unmarked car at Drumnahoe but McMenamin failed to stop.

The trained driver of the car had difficulty keeping up with the Mercedes driver, said Garda Clarke.

Garda Clarke estimated that the speeding car was doing approximately 160kph.

As the Mercedes slowed down, Garda Clarke said they pulled alongside him and signalled him to stop but he continued to drive for another 1.5kms along the Port Road and onto the Neil T Blaney Road before eventually stopping.

Garda McCabe said “I then approached the driver side of the car but he would only put his window down two inches. When I asked him for his driving license he replied he was reserving his rights.

“The driver then began to record me on a tablet and refused to comply with directions to step out of the car.”

After more time being afford to the driver to get out, Garda Clarke said they were forced to break the window and McMenamin eventually stepped out.

He was arrested for dangerous driving but still refused to comply and would not give Gardai his name saying he was reserving all his rights.

He eventually gave his name and was charged at 2.51pm but test negative for any any alcohol or drugs in his system.

Judge Raymond Finnegan was told that McMenamin’s only previous conviction was also for dangerous driving and that was back in 2003.

He convicted McMenamin of dangerous driving, banned him from driving for two years and also fined him €500.