Man opts for 3 days jail because he couldn’t afford €250 fine

January 20, 2022

A man who damaged a neighbour’s car almost six years ago opted for 3 days in jail as he couldn’t afford the €250 fine.

Declan James Devenney was brought before Letterkenny District Court in Co Donegal to address the incident which happened in March, 2016.

Devenney had been found guilty of damaging a car belonging to Dariusz Kot at Glencar Road, Letterkenny and fined €250.

However, he failed to pay the fine and was issued with an enforcement order.

Devenney, aged 53, told Judge Alan Mitchell that he now just wanted to get the matter sorted.

Judge Mitchell said he would leave the fine at €250 but Devenney said he could not afford it.

Mr Devenney, of Dr McGinley Road, Letterkenny, said that he could not do community service as he suffered form a medical complaint which prevented him from doing this.

“Well the other option is that you go to prison for five days.”

Mr Devenney replied “That’s fine.”

After considering the issue, Judge Mitchell said he would leave the sentence at three days in prison.

Arrangements were made to have Mr Devenney escorted to prison by Gardai.