Did you know Letterkenny Credit Union is now offering mortgages?

written by Staff Writer February 11, 2022

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Buying a house or renovating a property can be a stressful time. What to buy, where to buy and how much is needed? How much to bid (and when)? When you’ve finally found what you’re looking for and you need a mortgage, you want to deal with a lender you can trust. Letterkenny Credit Union announced at its recent Annual General Meeting that it is now offering CU Home mortgages for your principal private residence. Who better to talk to when making one of the most important decisions in your lifetime than your local credit union!


Letterkenny Credit Union can support you in getting your dream home with mortgages available up to €600,000. 

Letterkenny Credit Union is entering the mortgage market as part of its ongoing commitment to tailoring services and products to the specific needs of its members. Letterkenny Credit Union has lent €150m to the local community in the past 10 years through personal lending and is now ready to provide longer term Home Mortgages. 

As local, ethical lenders, credit unions take the time to understand the member’s situation. A member of staff will ensure that the loan is suitable to the member’s needs and their financial circumstances.

Commenting on the new offering, Ciaran Haran, Chairperson Letterkenny Credit Union said: “We know our members trust us and we want them to know that we can now offer mortgages. We are inviting members to get in touch with us, or pick up the phone and call us, about getting a mortgage. Whether it’s a new house or renovations to an existing house, our home mortgage loans are designed to give members the finance to make their dreams come true.”

Gordon Randles, CEO Letterkenny Credit Union stated “Letterkenny CU Home mortgages are designed to meet the needs of our members, lending decisions are made at local level and our qualified, knowledgeable, friendly staff will guide you through the mortgage process.”


Letterkenny Credit Union will consider home loans for the following purposes: 

  • First time buyers and non-first time buyers purchasing a new Principal Private Residence (PPR), 
  • Applicants seeking to refinance their home loan that is currently provided by another lender, 
  • Applicants wishing to release equity from their home (for the purpose of home improvements),
  • Consolidation of an existing home improvement loan, where there is evidence that the loan was utilised for home improvement, through invoices / receipts
  • For self-build properties stage drawdown loans are available 

So, call in, or contact us today, and enquire about our great mortgage rate!

For further information, please contact; Letterkenny Credit Union Mortgage Phone Line: 074 9102127, email: mortgage@Letterkennycu.ie