December 1, 2011
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DONEGAL TV sleuth Ciara Doherty might have caused some offence to our northern neighbours (and to quite a few on this side of the Border) in a TV3 show last night.

The 29-year-old from Letterkenny took part in an investigation into cross-Border shopping for groceries.

And while the investigation found that a 300 quid shop in the North saved just four euro – good news for business and jobs here in Donegal – it was some of her descriptions which might not go down too well.

Referring to her shop at Sainsburys in Newry as part of the TV3 Midweek show report, Ciara revealed: “I didn’t hear as many Irish accents as you would have done a few years ago.”

One reader in Derry (originally from Buncrana) asked: “Does that mean locals north of the Border have British accents?”

He added: “The whole Midweek programme portrayed the north as if it was Germany or Outer Mongolia. It really was a Dublin view and we expect more from Ciara. Last time I checked Letterkenny was still 20 minutes from Derry. And yes – 80% of people in Derry and Newry for that matter are IRISH…and guess what…they have IRISH accents too!”

And another reader emailed to say: “Good news that it’s just as cheap to shop for groceries south of the Border these days. But ‘Irish accent’s…really Ciara??? You should know better.”

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  1. Good story but again unbelievable findings. I remember RTE and their channels coming up with the same nonsense last year. I could save €4 just buying my paracetamol in the north so don’t give us any more of that crap. So many “Irish” Companies robbed the Irish people making excessive profits for years during the boom times, which Donegal saw precious little of, and now they’ve got the nerve to try and play the patriot card. Shame on them. They’re capitalists trying to squeeze every cent from consumers, and don’t give a damn about the millions of people in Ireland struggling even to send their kids to school with lunch money. May hell mend them. And rte should give up with their distorted and misleading statistics

  2. According to AA routeplanner the journey from dublin will cost you 23.10 euro in petrol not the 50 or 60 as quoted in programme unless Ciara was travelling in a hummer ..More inaccurate facts from this tacky and uniformed TV3 show ..Miriam has nothing to worry about ..

  3. Didnt realise she was from letterkenny, i remember watching a bit of the show and thinking, wow shes hot, very nice legs!

  4. I think in fairness to Ciara it was the presenter that asked her about the ‘Irish accents’. I was taken aback at the time but Ciara just answered that particular question.

    I do agree with the comment that you think the show was portraying somewhere much further afield than Newry however!

  5. Sainsburys is the dearest store up north, why didn’t they go to Asda or Iceland. This is no better than the last cross border shopping piece they done last year. They should of picked a family that goes up north regularly for their shopping, they know where the best value is. And by the way, the Elmo price, when you do like for like in Smyths Toys here and Newry there is a €13.27 saving to be made up north not €2.
    As for the amount of money it cost her in fuel to travel to Newry I think she needs to get her car checked out at as it isn’t very good on fuel.
    I’m also sick of hearing the whole “unpatriotic” thing at this stage and then your one saying she could hardly hear no Irish people up there, since when did Northern Ireland become Northern Britain?
    If you want to go on about patriotism and how unpatriotic people are then look no further to our government that have sold us out.
    And us giving our money to the Queen, we had no problem taking billions of a bailout from the UK government this time last year!

  6. john that “bailout” is a loan which has to be repaid. so they will capitalise on the interest in the long run. hardly a charity donation!

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