January 16, 2012
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LATEST UPDATE FROM GLASGOW: The partner of a Donegal man who was murdered outside his Glasgow home has told police she saw the attack from a window but did not realise it was him.

Malin Head man William McKeeney was attacked by two men in the city early on Sunday morning as walked home after a night out.

Police said his 48-year-old partner Annemarie had heard a disturbance and saw the attack from their ground floor flat.

Officers said that she had been left “completely traumatised” by the 57-year-old’s death.

Police said Mr McKeeney was subjected to a “sustained and violent” assault on his way home from a night out and left unconscious on the pavement.

Police said Annemarie had not realised that it was him being attacked until she went outside and found him.

Ch Insp Stephen McAllister, of Strathclyde Police, said she was “completely traumatised”, adding: “The fact she found him makes it even more horrendous.”

The officer leading the police inquiry has cautioned against speculating about the motive for the attack.

Det Ch Insp David Gailey said: “Mr McKeeney suffered massive injuries to his head and body in what can only be described as a brutal and sustained attack.

“To speculate on a motive at this time is completely unhelpful, and indeed may hinder our investigation, however, we are keeping an open mind as to why it happened.

“I am convinced that someone in the community knows who did this and I would appeal to them to contact police and help us take this investigation forward.

“Mr McKeeney and his partner were well known in the area. William, who worked locally as a labourer, was a popular man who was ready to help anyone he could.”

The local police commander has said the murder does not indicate that violence is a regular feature of the area.

Ch Insp Stephen McAllister said: “Pollokshields is a good area with a low crime rate – especially in regard to violent crime.

“This unusual but horrific crime has the community shocked.

“As well as our community officers, who have a good relationship with local people, there will be additional officers in the area and I would encourage people to approach them with any information or concerns they may have.”

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