Patrick Gildea Hairdressing: Eat your way to healthy hair


 December 29, 2016
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With New Year just around the corner and Christmas all but a distant memory, it’s all about New Year resolutions for 2017!

No doubt we will all make promises to eat healthier and get more exercise but did you know that what you eat can not only make you feel better it can also play a big role to how your hair looks and feels?

Patrick asked Irene one of our stylists to share some knowledge on how our diet can make a big difference to our hair.

Just like our skin our hair is an outward sign of how healthy we are on the inside and needs the right nourishment, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and shiny! Irene has listed a few common hair problems that can be improved by eating the correct foods.


Dry Scalp
A dry flaky scalp often means that your body is lacking in essential fatty acids which are needed for locking moisture into your skin and hair cells to keep them supple.

The best sources of these fatty acids are oily fish, nuts and avocado. If your scalp is red and itchy this can indicate that there is too much salt and sugar in your diet which can lead to dandruff problems.

So up your fish, nut and avacado intake to help combat this common problem.


Dull Limp Hair
There is no one specific cause to dull lifeless hair but it is important to have a full balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep us all looking and feeling our best.

A good guideline is to aim for 5 portions a day. If you are healthy on the inside it will show on the outside!


Dry Hair
Dry hair can be caused by using the wrong home hair care products for your hair type but also by a lack of Iron and Zinc in your diet.

Add some Beef, Lamb, Spinach and seeds to your diet for a good source of essential nutrients especially Iron – don’t forget you need vitamin C to absorb iron too!


Hair Loss
There are of course many factors contributing to hair loss but one that can be easily rectified is eating enough protein such as eggs, meat and fish. A lack of protein in the diet can lead to iron deficiency which can lead to hair loss.

The hair cells are the fastest growing cells in the body but they are also the first ones to be affected if you don’t eat right or suffer with deficiencies because they are not required for survival.

All the nutrients that you consume are first sent to the parts of the body that really need them like the heart, liver, kidneys and then what’s left benefits your hair. This makes it important for you to consume the right nutrients and in the right quantities.


If you have started eating to feed your hair and are waiting on long, beautiful, lustre locks – don’t be disappointed if it seems to be taking a long time to have any effect – it needs to work all its magic on the inside before it shows on the outside!

Happy New Year – We hope 2017 is the best one yet!