A leading anti-drugs campaigner and former town councillor has questioned why two men who admitted being high on drugs during a robbery were not charged with any drugs-related offence.

The two men, Steve Smith, 22, and Mark Villa, 18, pleaded guilty to robbery of Donaghey’s Petrol Station in Muff last weekend.

During their case at Carndonagh District Court, defence solicitor Ciaran MacLochlainn said both his clients had been high on diazepam at the time of the incident and didn’t have “much recoglition” of the incident.

However despite being found guilty of robbery and sentenced to six months in jail, no drugs offences were brought against the men.

Last night former Letterkenny Town Councillor and drugs campaigner PJ Blake said it beggared belief why no drugs charges were brought against the pair.

“How much more evidence do we need when a solicitor says such a thing in court? Here we have it in black and white.

“And yet there is not one charge in relation to drugs in this case. It has been admitted they were high.

“How do we not know that these men were not driving around for hours high out of their minds?

“They could have killed innocent people and yet they were not even charged with any drugs offences.

“It is almost five years since I began pushing for drug-driving testing to be introduced and even when it is being presented in court, nothing is being done about it,” he fumed.




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