November 1, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: A serving Garda has been found guilty of sexual assault and harassment in a trial involving two of his female colleagues.Letterkenny Court house

Garda Kevin Corby was found guilty of two charges of harassment and one charge of sexual assault on dates in 2010 and 2011 in Co Donegal.

He was also found not guilty of four further charges of sexual assault while another charge of sexual assault was struck out earlier in the trial.

The three day trial heard graphic evidence of how the two female Gardai were both sexually assaulted and harassed by Corby.

Corby, who is in his 30s, faced seven charges of sexual assault and two charges of harassment but one of these charges of sexual assault was withdrawn by Judge John O’Hagan.

The incidents happened simultaneously over a number of months in 2010 and 2011.

It heard how the married officer insulted the women about their sex-life and their weight.

The women revealed how they dreaded going to work on a daily basis because of the alleged harassment and one of them even tried to take her own life.

He jibed them about needing to “get a good ride” and not eating too much or they wouldn’t get a man.

The court also heard how Corby, on two different occasions, pushed them along a corridor in a swivel chair and pushed his groin up against them.

On another occasion he pushed himself up against one of the women form behind and she could feel his erect penis pressing against her.

One of the women also claimed that he put his hand into her Garda vest on one occasion and touched her breast.

On another occasion while in a patrol car Corby put his hand on one of the female Garda’s leg and then moved it up towards her groin area and told her if her husband didn’t do it then he would.

The court heard how the accused was known as Cheeky Corby.

However the court also heard from three different male Gardai who also worked with Corby in the same station.

One of the Gardai said he had never heard such remarks in his numerous years as a serving member.

Another told how he told Corby to give it a break after he “crossed the line” with the female Gardai.

However Corby told them “Fuck them, they are well able for it.”

Summing up barrister for Corby, Mr Peter Nolan said the case was a “storm in a teacup” and “political correctness gone mad.”

He also referred to the fact that one of the female Gardai had bought Corby red Santa boxer shorts as a present for Christmas – just weeks after some of the alleged incidents.

“If you are going to join the Guards then you have to be able for a bit of banter.

“This is a ridiculous case for prosecution to bring before the people of Ireland.

“If we were all to be done for putting our hands on someone’s knee then we would all be in jail,” he said.

But state barrister Patricia McLaughlin put it to the jury that if it was their wife, daughter or sister, would they not think it was indecent.

Judge John O’Hagan said he was not passing sentence but would do so in January.

He released Corby on his continuing bail for a probation and welfare report and also ordered victim impact statements.

Corby was hugged by his wife while one of the female victims held hands with her husband as he cried.