February 4, 2014

A young mother has alleged how she awoke to find her boyfriend’s friend in her bed touching her intimately.

Letterkenny District Court.

Letterkenny Court.

The Co Donegal woman found the man touching her breasts and bum and raising her leg after he slipped into her bed while she and her partner slept.

The woman, who cannot be named, appeared by video-link from Australia where she now lives.

She was giving evidence to Letterkenny Circuit Court this afternoon where a man has gone on trial charged with sexual assault.

The alleged assault, which the man denies, took place at a house in Letterkenny on May 17th, 2010.

Before the court is a man in his 30s who has pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault.

The court heard that the woman, her partner and the accused had all met at the Golden Grill Nightclub in Letterkenny.

They all got a taxi home.

The woman revealed how the man was given the spare room in their house and she went to bed with her partner and they had sex.

However she awoke some time later to find the man in their bed touching her breasts and bum and trying to lift her leg.

“He told me to shush and everything would be okay. I told him to get out but he wouldn’t get out of the bed,” said the woman.

The woman then screamed at the man and told him to get out of the room as she woke her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend also shouted at the man and he left the room to go back to the spare room.

The woman then said she went into another spare room and barricaded herself into the room with a chest of drawers and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning the woman told her partner to ask the man to leave the house.

He did so and after some time the accused and the woman’s partner left the house to go to the pub.

Defence barrister Peter Nolan put it to the woman that because she had had so much to drink on the night that most of her memory was a daze.

He put it to her that the incident did not happen at all and did she not find it unusual that her partner left with the accused to go to the pub.

The woman said she was angry with her partner for doing this and she had actually broken up with him for a while because of this.

She declared “I know exactly what happened when XXXXX came into my bed.

“I would never bring this case four years later and then allegedly make something up.

“We are a family but I will never forgive (her partner) for walking out the door with XXXX,” she said.

The trial before a jury of seven women and five men continues before Judge Keenan Johnson tomorrow.