A Lifford woman who was knocked down and suffered a serious head injury has been charged with causing an obstruction.

Letterkenny court.

Letterkenny court.

Elizabeth Roulston appeared at Letterkenny District Court today charged with a variety of offences.

The court heard that Ms Roulston, who is in her 50s, was knocked down and badly hurt at Coneyburrow in Lifford on November 24th, 2012.

Ms Roulston was knocked down while crossing the road by Ms Amanda McGrory who had her four children in the back of the car.

Ms McGrory said she had swerved to try and avoid Ms Roulston and feared that if she braked suddenly that cars behind her would crash into her.

Gardai revealed that when they arrived on the scene, Ms Roulston, of 6 Clonleigh, Lifford, was badly injured with blood coming from her nose and her forehead and that she was not responsive.

When they bent down to attend her they said they could get a strong smell of alcohol from her breath.

She was eventually taken to Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry where she remained for 11 days being treated for a serious head injury.

She still suffers from amnesia and can remember anything of the night of the accident.

Gardai later charged Ms Roulston with a number of offences including intoxication and being drunk and a danger to herself and others.

However barrister for the accused, Mr Peter Nolan, said there was no evidence of intoxication.

He added that there had been an onus on Ms McGrory to either stop or slow down when she noticed a person coming onto the road.

Mr Nolan said his client had no previous convictions and said there was no evidence his client had been intoxicated.

Judge Catherine Straines said she was dismissing a number of charges including intoxication and being a danger to others because there was not enough evidence.

However, she found Ms Roulston guilty of obstruction and fined her €100.




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