A Chinese restaurant owner from Lifford has been fined a total of €450 for allowing a man to work on her premises without the proper work permit.

Letterkenny Court.

Letterkenny Court.FINED

Ruo Mei Zhang, of the Peking House, was visited by an inspector from the Department of Trade and Employment.

On the first occasion a man ran out of the kitchen and could not be traced.

The man was spotted working in the restaurant on two pother occasions.

It was subsequently found that the man did not have the proper documentation.

Solicitor for the accused, Gordon Curley, said the restaurant owner had been legitimately in the country for the past 10 years and had opened the premises in May 21013.

The woman, who is 31 with two children, had allowed things to “get on top of her”, added Mr Curley.

Judge Paul Kelly fined Mei Zhang a total of €450 for the first two offenses and took the third offense into consideration.





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