April 19, 2016
Frampton spat in the face of a Garda.

Frampton spat in the face of a Garda.

A young woman chased a Garda and then spat in his face as officers arrested her partner on suspicion of burglary.

Shannon Frampton appeared at Letterkenny District Court yesterday charged with assaulting Garda Pat Kilcoyne on September 23rd, 2014.

Ms Frampton was on the scene at Manor View, Letterkenny during the course of an investigation after two men were arrested by Gardai.

Ms Frampton was a partner of one of the suspects and when she arrived on the scene she began to confront Gardai.

Garda Inspector Michael Harrison revealed that when the two suspects were arrested, Ms Frampton chased the car, opened the door and called Garda Kilcoyne a paedophile.

The accused, 26, of 14 Glenard Park, Letterkenny, then leaned into the window of the Garda car and spat at the Garda before telling him she had HIV and AIDS.

However her solicitor Patsy Gallagher said he wanted to stress that his client was NOT HIV positive or did not have AIDS.

He said Ms Frampton was now seven months pregnant and was very concerned that her family would think she had AIDS or was HIV Positive which was NOT the case, he stressed.

“She is a young lady under immense pressure, she is pregnant but I want to stress that she is very concerned that it is portrayed that she has AIDS or is HIV Positive which she is NOT,” he said.

Ms Frampton continually tried to interrupt the court and was asked to sit down on a number of occasions by Mr Gallagher.

Judge Paul Kelly asked Mr Gallagher if his client would like it if she was called a paedophile.

He added “My concern today is that she is portraying herself as a victim. I have a Garda who is the victim of vile abuse and name calling.”

And Judge Kelly added “She needs to start thinking before she opens her mouth. That’s why she is here today.”

He adjourned the case for a probation report until September 19th.