Pot luck! Drinkers caught in bar after hours because of pool competition

October 18, 2017

A pool competition against a neighbouring establishment resulted in a west Donegal pub having around 20 patrons on the premises three hours after closing time.

Garda Gallagher was on mobile patrol at Meenlarragh on Monday, February 20 at 2.25am when he noticed activity at Dixon’s Bar.

There was no-one behind the bar, but there were glasses on the bar containing what was described in court as ‘lager-type liquid and other drinks’.

Garda Gallagher said he approached staff who said that the pool competition ‘ran later than expected’.

Patrick Joseph McGee was before this week’s Falcarragh District Court.

Mr McGee said that the pool competition started later than expected and extended on

The court heard that there was no drink being served and the crowd was located where the competition was taking place.

Judge Paul Kelly said he would strike the matter out provided McGee made a €250 donation to Pieta House.