Neighbours end long-running bitter dispute over hedge

April 11, 2018

A bitter feud between elderly neighbours over a hedge has ended after a court heard one of them is now seriously ill.

Pensioners Frank McManus and his wife Margaret appeared at Letterkenny District Court in connection with the row which has lasted a number of years.

McManus and neighbour John Ferry appeared in court several times arising out of the row at their homes at Fernhill, Letterkenny.

During the dispute allegations of threats to kill pets, damage property and other claims have been made.

Mr McManus was charged with assault and causing criminal damage while his wife was charged with criminal damage.

CCTV footage of the incidents between the neighbours was previously viewed by Judge Paul Kelly.

It was claimed in court that the origins of the row happened after the McManus’ built a wall and allowed ivy and other shrubs to grow over it.

Solicitor for the McManus’, Mr Frank Dorrian, said his clients had never been in trouble outside of this dispute and were very upstanding citizens and decent people.

He said when they built the wall, they built it a foot inside their own boundary in the belief that they could grow ivy and shrubbery on it.

The court heard that problems began when the couple built the wall believing this entitled them to the rights on the other side of the wall too.

Since the wall was built the neighbours have appeared in court on several occasions as the feud rumbled on.

Solicitor Dorrian said that his clients had told him that they would not be engaging in their “trivial behaviour” again as Mr McManus’ health had taken a turn for the worse.

H said “Frank McManus has received a diagnosis. He has a very reduced physical condition. There is no way he is in a position to engage in any more conflict.

“This diagnosis has also put this carry on in context for both of them.

“It is a very trivial matter in comparison with the enormous
difficulties which now exist within their house.”

Judge Kelly applied the Probation Act to Mrs McManus on a charge of causing criminal damage to Mr Kelly’s plants on September 27th, 2016.

Frank McManus was ordered to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for one year and was fined €150 for criminal damage.



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