Average house prices in Donegal expected to rise in 2019

written by Stephen Maguire January 14, 2019

The price of an average three-bed semi-home in County Donegal is expected to rise by 5% in the next 12 months, according to a survey carried out by Real Estate Alliance (REA).

In 2018, house prices remained stable at €95,000, with the REA Average House Price Survey concentrating on the actual sale price of a three-bed semi, giving an up-to-date picture of the second-hand property market in towns and cities countrywide.


Paul McElhinney of REA McElhinney in Milford, said: “This quarter was relatively quiet with a limited number of new properties listed.

“The first half of the year will be dictated by what happens in the UK,” he added.

“The demand for properties is there, but the rise in prices has slowed. There are no new developments, and as a result, the supply of properties to the market has been hit.

“At some point, prices will have to rise to allow for development, but given the uncertainty in the general economy, this may not happen in 2019.”

Price growth on an average semi-detached house nationally has already been indicted with the costs sitting at €236,287, which is a 0.6% rise on 2018 Q3 figure of €234,284.