The Designer Homes Exhibition, which is holding its 8th annual event, continues today (March 10) following the launch of the event yesterday in The Halfway House, Tooban, Burnfoot.

Entrepreneur, Event Planner and Architect, Breege Galbraith, started the event in 2011 when local businesses in the homes industry were struggling to gain clientele in the economic downturn.


The two-day exhibition provides an excellent and knowledgeable experience for all attendees.

Local and nationwide businesses will showcase at the event.

Each exhibitor will offer something different and have the utmost experience in the homes industry.

The event is currently in its eighth year and is becoming more popular as the year’s reel in.

With the economy rapidly improving and unemployment rates at an all-time low, there is no time than the present for building your dream home.


hether it be your first home, your first renovation or just an excuse for a day out – Designer Homes Exhibition offers something to everyone… An event not to be missed!



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