Man facing drugs charges claims stash was for use at wedding

October 11, 2020

A LIFFORD man found with almost €900 worth of drugs, nearly £4,000stg cash and a ‘tick list’ claimed the drugs were for use at a wedding.

The case of Paul McCay, Beechwood Park, Lifford, was before Letterkenny District Court.

Gardaí executed a search warrant under the misuse of drugs act at McCay’s home.

In the property, officers found 7.361 grammes of cocaine to the value of €505. 3.419 grammes of cannabis herb worth €68 and 313 diazepam tablets with a value of €313.

Officers also found £3,980 cash, two weigh scales and five pieces of paper which Gardaí believed amounted to a ‘tick list’

McCay was charged with possession of the controlled drugs and with possession with intent to supply or sell.

Solicitor for McCay, Mr Donough Cleary, said his client and some friends were going to use the drugs at a wedding the following day.

He said the cash was the proceeds of an insurance claim. “He cashed the cheque and there was nothing more sinister,” Mr Cleary said.

The court heard that McCay is a 43-year-old father of three who has had an addiction to diazepam.

“He has rehabilitated himself,” Mr Cleary said. “He is free from drugs and has embarked on an exercise regime.”

Judge Paul Kelly adjourned the case to January 11 to allow for the preparation of probation and community service reports.



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