Whiff of cannabis put Gardaí on scent of man’s drug dealing

January 14, 2021

AFTER detecting a smell of cannabis when visiting the home of a Letterkenny man, Gardaí subsequently uncovered a cache which was for sale.

Officers called to the home of Colm Tulloch at College Park, Letterkenny on March 11, 2020.

Later that evening, Gardaí executed a search warrant under the misuse of drugs act.

In the premises, Gardai found a ziplock bag containing eight bags of cannabis herb. A total amount of 51 grammes of the drug, valued at €1,020, was located.

Gardai also found a set of digital weighing scales, a mobile phone and a wallet containing €640 in cash.

Tulloch admitted that the cannabis was for the purpose of sale and supply.

Solicitor Mr Frank Dorrian told Letterkenny District Court: “Gardaí called to the house for another reason and detected a smell of cannabis.

“It wasn’t the most elaborate methodology. When he was spoken to by Gardaí, he answered every question. It was somewhat fortuitous that they got the smell of cannabis and executed the warrant.

“Cannabis and himself have now parted company.”

Tulloch had told Gardaí in interview: ‘I buy it to smoke and throw some of it to my friends’ and Mr Dorrian added that his client was ‘making €20 a go’ from the sale.

The court heard that Tulloch was fully co-operative and has no previous convictions.

Judge Paul Kelly adjourned the case to April 12 to allow for the preparation of a probation and community service report.

A destruction order was made for the drugs.



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