Gardai hunt man after €2,000 of damage caused to van

March 17, 2022

A man who failed to compensate another man after he damaged his van is being sought by Gardai after a Judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Judge Brendan O’Reilly issued the bench warrant for Salvatore Cinquemani at Falcarragh District Court on Wednesday.

Cinquemani, of The Fairways, Letterkenny, was charged with criminal damage to a Volkswagen Caddy van at Chestnut Grove, Letterkenny, on June 17, 2021.

On Monday last at Letterkenny District Court, Judge O’Reilly set a deadline of Wednesday for Cinquemani to come up with €1,800 in compensation.

The alternative was a two-month prison sentence – an order previously made by Judge Raymond Finnegan at a previous sitting of the court.

Cinquemani’s barrister, Mr Timothy Morrow, sought further time to get the money together. saying his client was unemployed and was assisting in his wife’s business.

He added his client was not present in court and advised that he was ‘not likely’ to pay compensation.

“There seems to be a bit of bad blood between he and the injured party and the sum of money, he doesn’t seem willing to pay,” Mr Morrow said.

“He has difficulties with who the compensation is going to.”

Judge O’Reilly said Cinquemani had been given ‘ample opportunity to reimburse the injured party and he chooses not to turn up’.

Mr Morrow said that given the damage caused to the van, the price on an invoice was ‘likely to be excessive, but we don’t have an alternative invoice’.

“The court hasn’t been excessive with him.” Judge O’Reilly said.

“He isn’t doing himself any favours. I am not going to vary or alter Judge Finnegan’s order so it will have to take its course.”

Mr Morrow said his client was now residing in Northern Ireland, but was instructed that he would face the time. “I am told that he will present himself,” Mr Morrow said.

Judge O’Reilly said Mr Morrow had dealt with the matter ‘very professionally’ and that the outcome was ‘no reflection on you’

Inspector Seamus McGonagle said he had no alternative but to seek a bench warrant. Judge O’Reilly granted the order.