Fisherman has licence suspended for illegal activity on Lough Foyle

September 25, 2023

A fisherman has had their licence suspended for one year after being caught illegally fishing in the waters near Redcastle.

The incident was reported on Lough Foyle on 30th June last year when Loughs Agency fishery protection officers on patrol witnessed a small white boat near the shore. The officers investigated further and saw two men aboard pulling in an illegal net and subsequently attempting to re-launch the boat.

The officers quickly intervened, identifying themselves and requesting the fishermen come ashore.

The two men were advised of their rights and upon further inspection, a net of approximately 100 meters in length was confiscated.

On 18th April 2023 at Letterkenny Court, the elder of the two men pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal netting, and one of using a boat as an aid to the commission of an offence.

The Judge imposed a probation order against the man but ordered him to pay Loughs Agency costs of over €700, and to make a charitable donation of €350 to the RNLI.

The accused also held a commercial salmon fishing licence, and the Agency sought its suspension for one year. The Judge granted this request, suspending the licence for the entirety of 2024.

“Loughs Agency enforces illegal fishing activity control on both sides of the border, ensuring fish populations and their habitats remain protected,” a spokesperson said.

If you notice illegal fishing activity, please report the incident through our WaterWatch tool: or report it to Loughs Agency on Tel: +44 (0) 28 7134 2100.

“Loughs Agency remains dedicated to preserving the marine environment. Together, we can protect our precious natural resources and ensure a sustainable future for all.”