August 14, 2011
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A Garda and three nightclub bouncers were stabbed when a man went berserk outside a Letterkenny nightclub.

The incident took place in the early hours of this morning outside Voodoo Nightclub.

It is believed a man was refused entry to the nightclub and began to cause a disturbance.

Gardai were called and the man then produced a knife.

A Garda was stabbed in the arm while another bouncer was treated for a stab wound to the leg.

It is not believed any of their injuries are life-threatening.

A Garda spokesman confirmed four people including a Garda were stabbed.

The stabbing frenzy took place as hundreds of people socialised on the streets of the town during the Letterkenny Live Festival.

Earlier in the evening musician Ryan Sheridan has entertained hundreds of people on the town’s Oliver Plunkett Road as part of the festival.

The night had passed off without any major incidents as Gardai patrolled the streets.

Gardai confirmed a many as arrested and was being questioned at Letterkenny Garda station.

The Mayor of Letterkenny, Cllr Gerry McMonagle, who opened the festival,  told he would not like the wrong image of the event to go out.

“The festival was a wonderful success and I had appealed to people to enjoy themselves without drinking too much.

“However that message is never going to get through to some individuals.

“I sincerely hope that the Garda and the bouncers are okay and this should never have happened when all they were doing was their jobs,” he said.



  1. I sincerely hope now that the garda and the courts take this seriously (as it should be)… lets face it they lay down so easily these days to people like this…
    This thug could have taken 4 lives last night and should be given life in jail… that way we wont have to pay his dole out of our tax money!!! Hopefully he wont get free legal aid (our tax money) or a comfy cell with access to phones gym good food play stations etc (our tax money). Throw him in a 12x12x12 white box with a barred window and leave him there.

    1. shakermaker lets get one thing straight, there’s no need to go on rating about your fking tax money and people on the dole, i hope that you get a taste of what happens when you lose your job, so don’t go around speculating that he must be on the dole if he’s capable of such behavior. yes he’s a scumbag alright but keep your dole comments to yourself.

    2. In fairness I didn’t actually say all people on the dole would behave in that way now did I.
      I know plenty of good men on the dole that have lost jobs, none of them carry knifes… I would in all fairness however expect that anyone capable of acting in that manner would be on the dole because anyone capable of this act would never be employed by anybody. Only a certain type of person carries a knife, this is not the type of person that would be intelligent enough to hold any sort of job.
      Also, I’m quite sure I have every right to give out about how my tax money is spent. Its perfectly reasonable to expect that the money is spent to benefit people on the dole, it is NOT however reasonable to spend the tax payers money supporting scum like that, paying for his defense etc etc why the hell should I? I like the next man have a right to expect that tax money is spent correctly and put to good use, I fail to see how defending this filth is a good use of tax money!!

  2. It’s important to note that this incident happened well after the Letterkenny Live gig had finished, it is important that a negative message about Letterkenny Live does not take root because of one incident which happened after the event had finished, and there was a huge good humoured crowd at the gig itself. The Gardai were excellent all weekend and policed the event efficiently and with common sense. I hope that the Garda and the night club security staff injured in this incident fully recover from their injuries soon. I hope also that the perpetrator of this craziness is brought to justice and that a clear message is sent out to prevent further incidences of this nature and make it clear that carrying knifes in social settings is completely unacceptable.

  3. i agree with shaker maker, its no wonder i dont go out in that town anymore, all you see is little drunk farts acting the big man.

  4. I would just like to clarify to anyone reading this post that it was not a young person that committed this crime. It was someone over the age of 40. Letterkenny Live itself had no trouble and was a very relaxed atmosphere and I hope that it will now be an annual event.

    Crimes like this are very rare in this town thankfully and I hope it remains the same. Everyone involved has recovered and are doing well again.

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