April 30, 2012
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A BBC documentary on clerical sex abuse in Co Donegal tomorrow night will see victims of Father Eugene Greene tell their story to a global audience.

Greene abused dozens of boys in several Raphoe parishes in the 1970s, 80s and 90s despite the father of two victims making a complaint to a parish priest.

The BBC1 programme will be shown in the North tomorrow night at 10.30pm – and then across the UK on Wednesday on BBC2 at 9pm. It will also be shown on the BBC World channel which is seen in more than 100 countries.

Called ‘One World: The Shame of the Catholic Church’ the documentary will feature victims of Greene.

The TV investigation is fronted by reporter Darragh McIntyre who used to live in Gortahork.

Many of Greene’s victims are from the same parish.

It’s understood the programme will focus on how a complaint in the mid-70s was dealt with and how Greene went on to abuse more victims despite that complaint.

Last November the Bishop of Raphoe, Dr Philip Boyce described as “extraordinary” the fact that no evidence was found of complaints against notorious paedophile priest Greene who was jailed for 12 years.

He said a father of one victim claimed he had written to former Bishop of Raphoe Dr Seamus Hegarty but no trace of the letter could be found.

“We couldn’t find any trace of letter. I expressed my sincere apology to these people and something should have been done but there was no trace of the letter until it came out in the court case. There was no copy of the letter.

“That is extraordinary. It may reflect on the culture at the time. To my knowledge nothing was destroyed since I came into the Diocese,” he said.

He added that Bishop Hearty was quite meticulous and he did not believe he destroyed any letters.

“The letter wasn’t there and it’s a great disappointment that it wasn’t. I am truly sorry for what happened and nothing was done at the time. “It was the 1970s and we weren’t aware of the damage that child abuse could do. It makes me all the more determined to make our parishes a safe place for our children,” he said.

Bishop Boyce added a press conference following the publication of an audit of the Diocese that there has not been any letters of complaint from survivors of child sex abuse.

“”It is quite incredible but that is the truth,” he said at the time.



  1. The letters of complaint have all disappeared, oh dear I wonder what happened to them….No evidence…No crime…How convenient..

    1. Bishop Boyce say’s, “It was the 1970s and we weren’t aware of the damage that child abuse could do.

      I don’t believe Bishop Boyce. The rcc knew “Full Well” of the damage. Isn’t that why the rcc went to such “Extraordinary” lengths in the 60’s 70’s and today, to “Cover-Up” these Crimes?

      Isn’t it Christ who 2000 years ago, said something about, “hurting the hair of the “little Ones” and something about a “Millstone” ?

      Boyce, “you’re a chip off the same block”!

  2. Well well another story about sex abuse, what about all the sex abuse outside of the Catholic Church, what about all the physical abuse that is going on at the moment, And the greatest of all Child abuse and not a word from the media, I’m speaking about Abortion, let’s all keep quiet about that of course!

    1. Both are wrong, but because the church is anti-abortion does not make it right to cover up the abuse of children who HAVE been born.

  3. I wonder just how hard a search was made for the letter(s). No doubt Bishop Boyce did not personally search for the letter(s)
    Could it be that it suited some in the Raphoe diocese very well that the letter(s) could not be found.
    Bishop Boyce is right it is “extraordinary” that the necessary evidence could not be found;
    in fact it is incredible.

  4. “It was the 1970s and we weren’t aware of the damage that child abuse could do.” What a statement. What did they think it was going to do. Absolutly disgusting.

    1. I had a friend who was raped in the mid 1950s (not by a family member or friend, but raped all the same). Strange that they didn’t know about the damage in the 70s, but they did in the 50s

  5. It is extraordinary to hear Bishop Boyce say
    “It was the 1970s and we weren’t aware of the damage that child abuse could do”

    Anyone going to confession in the 1970s must be aware of how expert priests were in probing every aspect of sexuality with a vocabulary that was all of their own.
    Foolishly we thought that they were the real experts in this minefield.Eyes have been opened.

  6. “It was the 1970s and we weren’t aware of the damage that child abuse could do” says Bishop Boyce.
    Now, to me that statement implies that “child abuse” was the done thing in those days perhaps compulsory daily practice within the Catholic Church and just in later years the Catholic Church recognise the actual harm it caused….?? Statements like that are not tolerable. The abusers knew fine well what damage they were causing and so did the Bishops.. so less of the excuses and the disgraceful cover-ups. A disgrace to the greatest is all i’ll say.

  7. I suppose they treated the abuse like a ‘smoking habit’. Shur we’ll smoke away and think about the damage later

  8. Bishop Boyce should think very carefully before making any such statement on such a sensitive and emotive issue.should this have happened 50 years ago it would still make it wrong…this is not about when it happened but more about the fact that it should NEVER have happened in the first place!I still very much believe in my own God but not the same one they proclaim to represent!They have ruined the catholic church and this will be hard to put right!!I will watch the same programme tomorrow night in support of all the victims out there!

  9. “It was the 1970s and we weren’t aware of the damage that child abuse could do” says Bishop Boyce. I have never before heard such a ridiculous statement. Is he implying that 50 years ago child abuse was ok but they have now been enlightened?

  10. “it was the 1970’s and we weren’t aware of the damage that child abuse could do” what kinda statement is this… can these bishops and others preach the word of the bible when he can’t practice it themselves. Time for the courts life long sentences for them all just like the poor victims.

  11. Am watching the programme at present. Absolutely disgraceful. This Bishop is as guilty as Father Green. There is no defence in pleading ignorance. Boyce is guilty and should be convicted forthwith.

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