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  1. John Grace on said:

    Not expected in Glenswilly till 11.30 at earliest,Fair play to the lads for accommodating the fans and staying with them for Hours at a time,great to see

    • Why dont the cancel letterkenny tonight far to late,loads of kids would love to see them but to late and school in the morning, poor jim and the team will be exausted,

      • Hi. Totally agree. Far too late for kids getting up for school. Not fair on the lads either. They must be totally wrecked. I know everyone wants to see them but they trying to cram too much into one day.

  2. Seamus McEwen on said:

    Due in Ardara as of one minute ago at 21.00 so they are running quite late

    • Heard they are not in ardara yet and have still to go to ballybofey before they reach letterkenny.

  3. On the way on said:

    Letterkenny First then Glen,Expected at Lurgybrack after 11

  4. catherine o donnell on said:

    players must be exhausted.far too much cramed into schedule

  5. joe smyth on said:

    theyve made a mess of the schedule and its not fair on the players or supporters. going from bundoran the whole way round south donegal then up to letterkenny is crazy. they should have had three big receptions…one in donegal town and then one in letterkenny and one in buncrana. then let small groups of players take the cup to various areas afyerwards.

  6. We, and others, left Letterkenny at 9.30pm after being there since 7 with 2 very dissapointed kids! We would have waited another hour but then got the news on Donegal Daily that the team wouldn’t be there untill after midnight. A good few frozen kids there when we left, awful shame we and others wouldn’t see them, was getting later and later and colder and colder! Only thing with cancelling Letterkenny is that there were bands playing.

  7. Hosworker on said:

    Had to put a very disappointed wee man to his bed cos of the late arrival in letterkenny ! Very disappointing that a town the size of lkenny is left this late at nite ! Kids waited all evening !the players must be wrecked ! ! The county board should have handled this better !!

  8. Left Ardara on said:

    I’m just after leaving ardara and the speeches just finished.

  9. A True Donegal Supporter on said:

    The tour today should have been cancelled as Im sure the team and mentors are all exhausted.Not fair on supporters to be out in this weather either.God bless Jim and the team they’re trying to please everyone.
    Next time they won give them at least a day to recover from the game.

  10. The team are only leaving ardara. Have to agree the schedule was completely messed up. The players are absolutly exhausted. Its not fair to put them through all this so quick after playing and winning the sam. It will be midnight before they even get out of ballyboefy.

  11. wont be in lk to at least 1am glen cancelled

  12. the team left Ballybofey at Half eleven

  13. Inland refugee on said:

    No need for speeches everywhere..a quick intro and let the fans see the cup..could always turn up at McKenna cup and national league games if really interested.

    The schedule for tomorrow and Thursday could be revised if anyone has a bit of cop on within the county board,even at this late stage!

  14. Michelle Kane on said:

    My beautiful daughter Caitlin with Michael Murphy and her daddy. She got to meet the whole team. What a fabulous bunch of fellas. Well done Donegal

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