December 8, 2012
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MORE THAN 500 people attended a rally in Letterkenny today in protest at cuts in last week’s budget.

“The introduction of a tax on the family home with cuts in child benefit will cause hardship to many,” said Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay spokesperson Francis McCafferty.

“These are huge burdens that many simply will not be able to bear while the cut in the Household Benefit package reeks of the most scrooge-like meanness: a tiny saving from the most disadvantaged in our society.”

“We won’t accept this. We did not pay the Household Charge and we will not pay Property Tax. This is the most effective weapon we have against this assault on our living standards.”

TD Thomas Pringle also addressed the rally.

He said people needed to stand up to the Government over the cuts.


  1. Only just over 500 people? Ha

    There can’t be that much hardship for the “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay” group as they have plenty of money for petrol and diesel to drive to all these different towns to prostest at the very people that they themselves voted into power.

    I noticed in the photo that the shutters are down in Joe McHughs office. What was the point of marching if hes not there?

    In saying that i don’t blame him for not being there after all the protesters probably had eggs with them too.

    As for the “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay” group saying there are not going to pay the property charge, next year they will have no choice but to pay it.

    In March Revenue Commissioners will send information to people liable for the tax explaining their obligations.

    There will be options to pay the charge in instalments.

    These will include payment by direct debit, cash payments, credit or debit cards, or deduction at source from salary or certain State payments.

    If a taxpayer does not choose a method of payment, the tax will be deducted at source.

    This could apply to salaries or occupational pensions, social welfare payments or scheme payments from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

    The household charge will cease from January 2013 – any arrears on July 1st next WILL BE INCREASED to 200 euro and WILL BE COLLECTED through local property tax system

    When the tax has not been paid for a property, a charge will be attached to the property, which will have to be discharged before the property can be transferred or sold.

    Deferral option for low income persons (gross income not exceeding 15,000) Other deferral options for those whose income less 80% of mortgage falls below 15,000 – Interest at 4% per annum will be charged

    So for all the “Cant Pay Won’t Pay” people YOU will be paying next year regardless!

    Once the Revenue come after you they won’t stop until they get their money.

    They also might want to read this:


    1. Mick, can you tell me how the revenue will know who owns a house or if the house is jointly owned who is going to pay it….. they are still depending on the people to give them the information!

  2. I take it that figure came from the group themselves. There was nowhere near that number there in letterkenny today.

    1. What is wrong with the Irish are we going to sit around and complain about people trying to highlight whats being done by the overpaid Irish and European Politicans to the fabric of this Country. Are we all going to sit back and accept it and do nothing.

  3. Good turnout today,protests againts tax has brought down great nations like the romans the egyptians and the aztecs,tax issues has caused great revolutions and rebellions like the french and american revolutions,keep up the great work and refuse to bow down to kenny gilmore and their wicked useless cronies,up donegal!

  4. Mick go to bed and dream on,you must be having hallucinations,donegal didnt pay the house hold tax and it wont pay any more taxes,we voted no to your evil referendums,so listen to the people cant pay wont pay,never.

  5. Only 9 likes for this article, 124 supporting the poor child who was victimised by these people. I think that speaks volumes, Grow up and cough up.

    1. @fiona get your facts right it wasnt the guys who protested yesterday that victimsed the poor child at joe mchughs office

  6. The first thing i would like to say is fair play to everyone for attending the protest today and fair play to all the volunteers that organised it and helped out on the day. There were some great speakers there from all walks of life.
    Now the numbers were not huge but it was well attended considering the time of year and the financial difficulties we are in.
    I personally am getting angrier and angrier by the day. I feel for the people around me, my beautiful children, my partner, my parents, my brothers, my sister, and all my friends and neighbours.
    We as a nation are getting closer and closer to poverty, yet the people on a whole just aren’t angry enough yet.
    I see thousands of people turn out for football matches and to see the likes of the sam mcguire cup, that means nothing more than we have the best football team in the country. Who cares?? It means nothing. It has nothing to do with the daily struggle of life. Doesn’t help the aged, the poor, the homeless. it doesn’t put food on the table, it doesn’t educate our children. It means nothing. It is a mechanism to make people feel good even when their in the s**t.What is wrong with everyone??? Are the masses being brainwased by the likes of mick above. Are they that weak that they cant think for themselves and get up of their arses and fight for themselves?? Is the great dumbing down a reality?? I think it is starting to look that way. Check out where the flouride in your water comes from and what it does to you. Cancerous preservatives, additives, sweeteners that cause brain tumours or if its not to much to absorb check out codex alimentarius.
    This might seem all very negative but i’m afraid its all true. They sit back and watch eastenders and coronation st etc. etc. while the rug is being swept out from under their feet.
    Pretty soon this country is going to be run by the IMF if people dont get and do something about it.
    Dont listen to people that tell you, you cant do anything about it. OF COURSE YOU CAN.
    Fact is majority rules and over 40,000 people didnt pay for the household tax and there was nothing the so called powers that be could do about it. It doesnt matter what they say. Numbers are everything and they cant make anything work if enough people resist it in large numbers.
    We can fix this country. But we are going to have to get angrier and stand up and fight. Education is the key. so please go out there and try to educate youselves and others. Then maybe more people will come out and realise that THEY CAN make a difference.

      1. Cop on conor. The whole point is poeple CANT AFFORD IT. Wake up. Just because you can afford it doesnt mean the rest of us can. Your obviously not on the bread line. Maybe the likes of you should pay twice as much for being an idiot

    1. @ Paddy, so well said, I agree with everything you said, it`s just a pity that the majority of people will not educate themselves, it`s amazing how may people believe that the government are protecting us and that we should pay these unjust taxes, people just cannot understand that if we were not bailing out the gambling bankers and bondholders that there would be enough money for all the required services, the mainstream media is as much to blame as they are only enforcing what the government are saying, If everyone would think for themselves and fight for their rights we would all benefit in the long run.

    2. I agree Paddy all that football etc. while enjoyable are nothing but distraction’s from what is really going on. So right on lad

    3. well said paddy obviously conor and Micky above can well afford or maybe they work for the government. Well done all yesterday everyone involved.

  7. Taxes brought about revolutions They took the yoke of poverty and hardship of the backs of the downtrodden.They enabled pensions to be paid to the elderly ,benifits to the sick and disabled and cushioned the unemployed from falling into degrading poverty.Taxes enables us to live in a caring and civilised society.Those who advocate nonpayment have no appreciation of the struggles of our forefathers to improve the quality of life for the needy and exploited.We have more work to do and negative campaigning will not stop us.

    1. Taxes have indeed brought about revolutions and hopefully it wont come to that again.But i’m afraid you michael are another one that needs to cop on. You talk about taxes as if they were are single tax. What sheer nonsense. Wake up. There is no one out there fighting against taxes in general as you speak. Even sinn fein have the intelligence not to take that attitude. There are much more sustainable ways to raise money through taxes.What is being fought are a few particular taxes that are enslaving the people of ireland into poverty. Do a little bit of researce and educate yourself.
      And to say that people who advocate nonpayment have no appreciation of the struggles of our forefathers is utter nonsense. Which of our forefathers do you speak of that imposed such unfair and impoverishing taxes on the people???
      Any appreciation i have for our forefathers is for the ones that fought for the rights of our people not those that sold us down the river like what is happening in modern day society.
      Just listen to yourself “We have more to do” sounds very similar to something else i’ve heard before “lots done, more to do”. HA.
      Call it negative campaigning if you want, but to the people it effects it is possitive, as it may help us get out of the hole that the likes of you have dug for us. The only people that this is negative to are the people that are trying to impose these taxes on us.
      So again i say to you GO AND EDUCATE YOURSELF.

  8. People like conor should pay double the taxes and bail us all out,simple,people like that should foot the taxes,simple,no complaints from them then,no more taxes,the risen people will sort you all up tir chonail

    1. Well put it this way, if there were no taxes or very little taxes where would social welfare payments come from?? It’s simple, taxes are the only thing keeping them going, I don’t agree with the bank bailouts but tax hikes have to be done!! I myself live from wage to wage, nothing extra but it just means I have to work as much as possible to keep living like that! But I will keep paying my tax and even if the tax rate was 50% I would still pay! People fought for their country, and I’m just simply paying for mine little by little, wage by wage!! EIRE ABU!

      1. Conor,if you had to pay 99per cent would you still pay?no matter how much tax we pay we will never pay irelands debt back,there is only 1.8million tax payers in ireland,it cant be done,we have a lot of natural resources that would pay any amount of our debts off,but the clowns that run eire abu gave it all away,we must stand up and get control of our destiny,we need an election fast and another if that dont work and we keep going until we get able people to run the show

      2. conor evil thrives when good men do nothing. the men who make the law have broken the law . the constitution made for and paid for by our forfathers has been illegaly changed by the cronies now in power. euge.

  9. There was a big man called phil,everything he done was nil,he tried to screw us all,but along came donegal and rose one and all,wel ner pay his mon cause hes a figure of fun!pog mo hogan!

  10. @ Mick(who’s sentiment’s sound remarkably like Jimmy Harte’s) how many people have had the household charge forcefully taken(stolen) from them? As for them taking the property tax from source I doubt that very much as said in one of the replies where there are 2 people working they need to find out who is gonna pay. As for the people they put into power (so called) they were put in on a heap of false promise’s and lie’s therefore I am of the opinion they should be ousted. If we got back article’s 47 and 48 of OUR constitution of which the sell out blueshirt’s removed from it we could get shot of them as they do not represent us. The founding father of our first Constitution of the Irish Free State, 1922 gave the powers of ‘Initiative’ and ‘Referendum’ to the Irish people in articles 47 and 48 of the Constitution. They were profound men who gave this great gift to the nation to guard against the very abuses of power we have seen exercised by our career politicians over the ensuing decades since the foundation of the state.

    However these rights were never exercised, as the first government to get into power removed these rights from the people of Ireland and gave those powers to themselves. Now only a challenge to the Constitution or the government themselves can initiate a referendum. Also for those who think we are wrong to protest think on
    these word’s from Albert
    Einstien that I recently came across

    The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil,but by those who watch them without doing anything.

    So fair play to everyone who has the courage to stand up for yourself and be able to think for yourself FAIR PLAY to all!!!!

    1. @ Martin

      The property tax will and can be taken from source. It won’t matter if there is two people working it is the persons name the house is in that is liable to pay the tax.

      Section 151 of the new Bill obliges certain people or organisations (such as utilities companies) that have lists of property owners or billing details for electricity or gas meters, to make this information available to the Revenue Commissioners if requested.

      Failure to comply with such a request can result in a daily fine of €100 until the order is complied with. This appears to be an attempt to overcome data protection concerns which some utilities companies have about sharing their considerable databases with the Revenue Commissioners.

      The Bill abolishes the existing €100 household charge from January 1, 2013, and caps the amount of arrears liability to €130 on amounts paid by 30 April 2013. But if the household charge has not been paid by July 2013, it will be treated as unpaid local property tax of €200, and added to the outstanding amount of tax due on that property.

      Unpaid or deferred Local Property Tax will remain as a charge against each property. It is liable to be paid when the property is sold by the seller – even if the property is sold or transferred for no payment. If the tax is not paid at the point of sale, the liability for the unpaid tax passes to the new owner of the property.

      It all there for you to read:


      1. copy paste copy paste copy paste. Come on mick, your going to have to do better than that. Your definetly not going to able to convince anyone if you cant even put it in your own words. My guess is that you only managed to produce the first paragraph and the last sentence. I think the label you recieved earlier of being a “propaganda machine” couldn’t be more apt. Haha

        1. @ Paddy

          I copy and pasted PART of the RTE news article to highlight the powers that Revenue Commissioners will have in in relation to the new Property Tax . That is why i also added a link to same article.

          But the next time i will put it in “Comma ” especially for you if it bothers you that much.

          I am also not trying to convince anyone unlike the people you support, but merely highlighting the facts.

          And theres no point you talking about the Constitution when your beat, its the same with the Yanks they always talk about the Fifth Amendment whenever they are beat too!

          The Constitution no longer onger exists so get over it.

  11. connor, yes we need to bring in more taxes and make ourselves more self sustainable, etc, your missing the point.. you say you are living wage to wage but how do you expect people getting less of a wage or even no wage to to pay more.. im glad you are ABLE to pay your share, im prob im the very same position as you and i feel ashamed that i will pay little more this year or last.. i’ll give you a short summary of my cuts….
    i am a single male working on a fair income, nothing big but glad to have something over this last few years.. i dont own a house or have any children but i have a car (pretty much essential in donegal)..
    last years budget pretty much did not effect me and this year i will pay e264 extra in prsi and a bit more road tax.. this is nothing really to me, yes id rather not pay extra but i can absorb it.. it honestly sickens me when people who are in poverty are being FORCED to pay a property tax they cant afford, carers who live on social welfare basically being cut their grant for some restbit, more pressure being put on single parent families but also just families because they cut childrens allowance and bte grants… this is the most unfair budget ever and anyone looking in from outside ireland must think this is a dictatorship…
    truth is i should have to pay more like you said you would because we can.. one law for the rich one law for the poor..
    i was at the rally yesterday, i didnt think there was 500 there, i dont think it will be a success unless people get and support it but they have my support from now on to try reverse the cuts to the poor.

  12. Why the hell should we pay any more taxes to bail out banks which we supposedly own,absolute scoundrels of the highest order,we have a bunch of idiots running our country,they must be removed from power,now!every house in ireland should put a protest flag on their roofs to show these scumbags enough is enough,stand together,make them bow down,get your flags up

  13. There was a wee man called noony,he was a bit of a loony,he hit our cash and done a hash,hel pay the price cause hes not so nice,so roll on voting day and wel make him pay!

  14. As I said before, I still think a small demonstration outside a TDs office especially when it not even open is the wrong way to do it. Protests need to be taken to Dublin. Anyone with the power to change things (this does not include Mr McHugh) will hear a thing about it. It has to be brought to the Dail. Look how successful the pensioners and truckers were. My next question may not be a popular one but I’d like to know how much will Thomas Pringle be claiming for his day out yesterday. How much of the tax payers cash will hit his pockets for his appearance,I would hope nothing as he earns enough and would be doing this for the people of Donegal, but u wonder.

  15. well done to all who protested hard to believe peoples attitude,at times what if government were like the chinese who only allow a certain amount of kids per family i swear people would accept it .TO all the people who say pay i swear i will go to jail first.

  16. i dont like the way the cpwp and action against austerity groups are portraying themselves as the only possible way out of this mess, and their implication that if we dont hold the same views as them that we are “not educated” we all voted for our politicians and were under no illusions as to the policies they were about to enforce. If it has become a surprise to the cpwp and daaa groups maybe they should have educated themselves before the election rather than after it. maybe if they car shared on the way to their Mass protests they would have some money left for the essentials .

  17. Well done to all yesterday.Whether you had 5 or 500, Everyone there should be proud of themselves. What all the government and tax supporters who are commenting seem to forget that at the march their was a lot or older people there who simply cant afford to pay, so what do you say to them or the people already on the bread line. More people should be out on the streets and being heard whether its donegal or any other county in ireland.When did we loose or fighting spirit??? what services are all you payers getting for the €100 you paid ?? get your heads out of the governments arse people

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