Child awarded €45,000 after severing top off finger in Donegal hotel

December 18, 2018

A child has been awarded €45,000 after the top of his finger was severed of at a Donegal hotel.

The child appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court today along with his parents in a case taken against the owners of the Allingham Arms in Bundoran.

The court was told the top 4 millimetres of one of the child’s fingers was severed off when his hand caught in a door during the accident in July 2016.

The child, who is now aged four, was taken to hospital in Sligo and then to another hospital in Northern Ireland.

He was treated by a plastic surgeon who said that the injury would not be an issue for future employment or dexterity in the future.

The child is right-handed but the injury was to his left hand, the court was told.

The court was also told that the child had suffered from interrupted sleep but was no longer self-conscious of the injury.

Judge John Aylmer agreed on the sum of €45,000.



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