EXCLUSIVE: A top Garda drugs officer has admitted that cocaine, cannabis and heroin use is rampant across County Donegal.

Letterkenny-based undercover drugs officer Garda Karen Walsh said drug use is now the cause of much of the county’s crime including assaults and thefts.

Garda Walsh was speaking during the trial of a Letterkenny woman who was sentenced to three years in prison after cops found almost €16,000 worth of cocaine in her apartment.

The drug was being cut up, bagged and then sold across Co Donegal after being brought up from a supplier in Dublin.

She was busted after a year long surveillance operation which found weighing equipment and other drugs equipment at her apartment.

Judge John O’Hagan asked Garda Walsh what kind of drugs were being used across the county and he was told that it was all kinds – cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

Judge O’Hagan asked about the direct link locally between drugs and crime.

“There is a high significant factor because of the price of drugs for the people addicted.

“It leads them to others areas for the money for the drugs – thefts and then assaults when people can’t pay their debts,” revealed Garda Walsh.

Garda Walsh revealed that the current drugs squad based in Letterkenny is made up of five officers – four Gardai and a Sergeant.

Judge O’Hagan asked if Gardai were winning the war against drugs by putting people in prison?

“For every network that closes – how many others open?” he asked.

“Countless” he was told simply by Garda Walsh.

The case involving the Letterkenny woman comes just a day after a man from Doochary was caught with a heroin supply outlet in his garden shed.



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