October 31, 2013

A Garda who claims she was sexually assaulted and harassed by a fellow officer admitted buying him a red Santa boxer-shorts set for Christmas.GARDA LOGO 3

The underwear and other items were produced during a court case at Letterkenny Circuit Court today.

The underwear was given as evidence in a case of Garda Kevin Corby who is charged with seven counts of sexual assault and two counts of harassment against two female colleagues.

Both female Gardai took sick leave as a result of stress they suffered as a result of the Garda’s approaches while one of the women tried to kill herself.

Today was the second day of a trial which is expected to last four days.

Defence barrister Peter Nolan told the court the Garda bought the boxer shorts and other items as part of a ‘Secret Santa’ gift for a Garda station’s Christmas party in 2010.

He asked “Why if you despised this man did you buy him a pair of sexy Santa boxer shorts. Why did you d that if you despised him. You are a mature woman, a Garda?

“During this period you go out and buy a present that is sexually suggestive – with a protuberance at the front, naked but apart from a pair of boxer shorts. Did you not see all the messages you were sending out?” he asked.

The Garda said she had absolutely no idea but said it was the mildest item compared to the many secret Santa items of “thrash” that were bought by everyone for the party.

The second female Garda revealed how she was also sexually assaulted and harassed by Garda Corby.

She alleged that her relationship with Garda Corby gradually got worse and that he constantly made reference to her weight and sex-life.

Garda Corby also made comments on the district Garda radio for other members to hear.

She revealed how on one occasion how he took her phone and wrote lewd text messages to male friends.

“He wrote “I’m at home on the couch. Do you want a ride or something like that,” she said.

The woman added that he would daily jibe her about her sex life.

She said she wasn’t sleeping and was drinking up to three litres of diet coke on a daily basis to keep her going.

She also listed three different occasions on which she claimed she was sexually assaulted.

On one occasion a café he rubbed her thigh and told her she needed a man.

Another time he put his hand inside her Garda vest and touched her breast and on another he pinned her to a chair and rubbed his groin into her as he sat on top of her in the Garda station.

The women also denied suggestions by barrister Nolan that both women spoke about their cases as they prepared their statements for the court case.

Three male Gardai form the station also gave evidence yesterday.

One Garda told the court how, although it was banter, Corby sometimes took matters too far.

“I was aware of one name and I believed he referred to XXXX as Big Mamma.

“Kevin could be perceived as a bit of a messer but I thought they all got on.

“I’m sure there were comments but I wouldn’t have perceived them or thought much of them but coming from their point of view….

“I don’t remember them getting upset. It was a bit of banter.

“I didn’t have a problem with Kevin Corby. I do remember telling him that there was a line there and not to cross it,” he said.

Another Garda said he had served at other stations and he had never heard such comments like it.

He also said to Garda Corby that he was crossing the line but was told “F*** them, they are well able for it,” he said.

He said that on one occasion one of the female Gardai said she was going to get a roll to eat.

“He said she should get a twelve inch roll and that a six inch roll would be no good to her.

“It took this as it was of being of a sexual nature,” said the Garda.

Judge John O’Hagan said there is always a bit of banter.

But he asked the Garda “You were looking from a male point of view. But if you were a female Garda?”

The Garda replied “If it was consistent it could be seen as a bit more than banter,” he said.

Another Garda revealed he saw Corby sending text messages from the female Garda’s phone.

“Once was funny but not when it kept going,” he said.

He also admitted that he heard Corby saying things of a sexual nature.

“At the start it was passed off but it kept going and going.

“I told Kevin to relax. There was no badness in him but he kept it going. He was known as Cheeky Corby.

“I could see it was getting to XXXX and I told him to give it up.”

Judge John O’Hagan put it to one of the Gardai if when the female Gardai told Corby to “f*** off” if they meant it?

The Garda said he did.

The trial continues tomorrow.