Judge Keenan Johnson:

Judge Keenan Johnson:

A CIRCUIT Court Judge has warned that jurors who fail to turn up in court will be pursued by the law.

Judge Keenan Johnson issued his order at the sitting of the court in Donegal Town after a number of jurors failed to show for a jury panel being selected to hear a case.

A number of people who did turn up and gave legitimate reasons as to why they couldn’t serve on the jury were excused by the court.

However failing to turn up, and not making contact with the Court Service is an offence.

Judge Johnson said the high number of absentees from the court was “just not good enough”.

He told juror panel members who did did turn up: “I am directing that unless there were good reasons for them not being here, that summonses should issue against them for non-appearance.

“There were far too many absentees and it is not fair on those who did turn up.”

Under the 1976 Juries Act, a judge can impose fines on members of the public who fail to appear for jury panel selection.

The Courts Service will now pursue all those who failed to appear for the Circuit Court cases.




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