July 4, 2016
The two Donegal women were arrested in Busaras.

The two Donegal women were arrested in Busaras.

Two Donegal friends who travelled to Dublin for a “good night out in town” ended up being arrested for causing a drink-fuelled disturbance in Busaras.

Denise Dowd and Kiara Baird, both aged 19, were due to get a bus back to Donegal when they began hurling abuse and threats at the public, security and investigating gardai.

Dowd went on to break a window at Busaras before trying to run away through heavy traffic.

Judge Anthony Halpin said he would leave them without criminal convictions if they each made a €100 charity donation.

Baird, of Glenwaters, Glenfin Road, Ballybofey, admitted to public drunkenness and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour at Store Street.

Dowd, of Donegal Road, also Ballybofey, admitted breach of the peace at Busaras.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened on the morning of April 26 last.

The Evening Herald reported how Gardai found Baird highly intoxicated. She was aggressive towards members of the public at the bus station and was abusive to gardai.

She was told to leave the area before being arrested.

The court was told Dowd was being extremely abusive to security staff, shouting at them in a threatening manner.

When told to leave, she broke a front window at Busaras.

As gardai approached her, she ran through busy traffic to avoid them. She verbally abused the gardai before being arrested.

The court heard there was no criminal damage charge against her.

Both defendants apologised and had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, which was indicative of their remorse, their lawyer said.

Baird was on Jobseeker’s Allowance, while Dowd had just finished a Youthreach programme.

The pair had travelled on the bus from Donegal the day before and intended to have a “good night out in town”, their lawyer said.

They went out and had a “considerable amount to drink” before returning to Busaras the next morning to get the bus home.

The incident began at 10.45am. The accused had “very little recollection” of what happened at the bus station.

They had drunk alcohol before and were “not really sure” why it had such an effect on them on the night.

Judge Halpin adjourned the case and said he would strike the charges out if the charity donation was made.