Prostitute given €1,200 to go home to Romania caught again in brothel

February 20, 2017

A prostitute who was part of a group of women given €1,200 by a Judge to leave Ireland in 2014 has appeared before the same Judge again charged with running a brothel.

Mikaela Niculae, 39, was arrested by Gardai in Letterkenny charged with prostitution last weekend.

She was one of two Romanian women operating the brothel at Farleigh House, Letterkenny when it was raided by Gardai.

Garda Joe English told Letterkenny District Court that they found five mobile phones, €60 in cash, a receipt for a money transfer to Romania for €500 and a receipt for €120 to the Escort Ireland website.

Another woman  Elena Florea, 36, was also charged with prostitution on the same date in the same apartment.

Garda English told the court that Ms Niculae had been before Letterkenny District court in June 2014 where she was part of a group of six prostitutes who were given €1,200 by Judge Paul Kelly to fly back to Romania.

The money came from a sum of €5,890 seized by Gardai in a brothel at the time.

It later transpired that the other prostitute, Ms Florea, had been given the probation act when she appeared before Letterkenny District Court last November, also charged with prostitution.

Garda English told the court that both women admitted they were taking part in prostitution and had plans to fly to Spain where solicitor Frank Dorrian said prostitution was legal.

Mr Dorrian said both women were under pressure from back home in Romania to make money and that by taking out public adverts on the contacts website, there was a chance they would be caught.

Judge Paul Kelly fined both women €500 and made a destruction order for their working mobile phones.

Two other Spanish women were also charged with running another brothel in Letterkenny when they also appeared at Letterkenny District Court today.

Concepcion Esono Avomo, aged 30, and Ernesta Nchama Ondo, aged 46, were both found at an apartment at 83b, Lower Main Street, Letterkenny on Saturday night last, February 18th at 11.50pm.

Both admitted to running a brothel and said they had charge a client €70 earlier that evening for sex.

Garda Joe English said that neither women were under duress to operate the brothel and had advertised their services on the Escort Ireland contacts website.

The court was told that four phones, a laptop computer, a money transfer receipt to Spain for €350 and €70 in cash was found in the flat.

Judge Kelly fined both women €350 and ordered a destruction order on their work-phones.

The raids are part of a number of brothel raids across Letterkenny in recent months.