Man who burgled book shop and stole €1,000 is caught by his fingerprints

February 27, 2017

A man who broke into a bookshop and stole €1,000 in cash and an electronic tablet was caught after Gardai found his fingerprints on the premises.

Gavin Mitchell, aged 38, admitted breaking into Universal Books on Letterkenny’s Church Lane on October 30th last.

Mitchell, who had 50 previous convictions, said he was sleeping rough at the time of the burglary.

Garda Inspector Michael Harrison told Letterkenny District Court that €200 worth of damage was caused to the back door of the premises when Mitchell broke in.

He stole €1,000 in cash and an electronic tablet during the raid.

Garda forensics officers took fingerprints and matched them to Mitchell who admitted carrying out the burglary.

Solicitor Frank Dorrian said his client was sleeping rough and had nowhere to stay and nothing to eat at the time.

He was now living with his mother and was waiting to be accepted into White Oaks Rehabilitation Centre in a month’s time.

Judge Paul Kelly asked solicitor Dorrian where the total compensation of €1,400 would come from and he was told that Mitchell had nothing but time on his hands and would try to repay the cash.

Judge Kelly adjourned the case until May 22nd and ordered a probation report telling Mitchell that the issue of compensation would have a large say on what he decided to do in the case going forward.