A young woman shouted “if you can’t beat them, eat them” after she bit a detective in a Garda station.

Megan McQuaide was arrested after she was involved in a traffic accident in Barnesmore, Co Donegal on June 24th last.

The 18-year-old was found by Gardai standing in the middle of the road and was shouting and striking out at the emergency services.

McQuaide, of Meadowbank Avenue, Strand Road, Derry, was a passenger in a car but was unhurt.

She was taken by ambulance to hospital but had to be accompanied by Gardai because of her behaviour.

She was physically aggressive to hospital staff and was arrested for public order offences and taken to Letterkenny Garda station.

As she was being released into the care of her grandmother when leaving Letterkenny Garda station, she sank her teeth into the chest of a female Garda.

As she did so she shouted, “if you can beat them, eat them.”

Letterkenny District Court heard how the accused broke through two layers of clothing and broke the skin of the Garda causing her severe bruising.

Solicitor Patsy Galagher said his client, who pleaded guilty to public order and assault charges, had a severe history of drug using, both prescribed and unprescribed medication.

Mr Gallagher said Ms McQuad was living with her grandmother who had been searching for her at the time of the incident for a number of days.

“She was in a drug confused hell but she is in a very different place today and is trying her best,” Mr Gallagher told the court.

Judge Paul Kelly ordered a Probation report on Ms McQuaid and adjourned the case until January 15th next.



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