Men plead guilty to robbery in which ‘vulnerable man’ robbed of €4

April 25, 2018

Two men have pleaded guilty to a robbery in which a “vulnerable man” was attacked and robbed for just €4.

Stephen Scott and Paddy Sweeney appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court in relation to the robbery at Simpson’s Supermarket Carpark in Letterkenny.

A detective previously told how the victim almost died after he was allegedly viciously attacked during the incident which happened last October.

The man, a 53-year-old who was in the care of the HSE, was allegedly assaulted in the carpark of Simpson’s Supermarket at Circular Road in the town.

Following an investigation by Gardai, two men, Patrick Sweeney and Stephen Scott, aged 24, from Meadowbank, Letterkenny, appeared in court.

The men applied for bail previously but were refused.

Garda Detective Joseph Kealy said he was objecting to bail in the case because of the seriousness of the charges.

He added that both used the same shops and the local Glencar Inn and he feared they could also meet there and that the victim could be intimidated by the accused.

“This man was severely assaulted, he was punched, kicked and stamped upon. This is a serious offence of robbery where a vulnerable 53-year-old man was severely assaulted and robbed for €4.

“I feel if they met on the road that he would intimidate the injured party,” said Detective Kealy.

He added that the result of the alleged attack could have had much worse consequences for the alleged victim.

“I think we’re very fortunate that the injured party didn’t receive fatal injuries,” added Detective Kealy.

The case was subsequently sent forward to the circuit for hearing and the men pleaded guilty yesterday.

Their plea, in front of Judge John Aylmer, will be heard next week and sentencing will be passed.